Main Desktop

This player is used to make sure you are connected via the correct RTMP settings - if you can see video and hear sound move to the next player. this video player does not work on mobiles

Mobile Player

this is to be sure you have the correct video codec settings - if this video player is not working - check you are using 264 video codec. the detail below shows what you are transmitting

Video codec :

Check you are not on microphone

Step 1:

Dj is streaming and music is playing

Step 2:

dj turns off volume on monitor speakers and claps hands

Step 3:

if the person helping can hear the clap - you are on microphone - not audio input

Step 4:

adjust setting or buy USB soundcard

If you transmit via the microphone it sounds terrible plus we hear all the noises in the background of the room you are playing in

make sure you save these settings in a profile Mushroom Club and use this profile every time you play. please also make sure you do not use these settings on another show as you may accidentally cut into to a radio broadcast in the Mushroom club