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    Life is for Living. The ingredients, are music and a loving heart.
    Melody Master (Paul Platts) has recently started his own label Dis-Infected Records Ltd (music without the ego) and it looks set to be one to watch
    He started his musical journey aged 7 when started to learn to play the electronic organ, by the age of 11 he had achieved grade7 practical and grade 5 theory.
    He has also earned a BA honors in music production at the ACM Academy of Contemporary Music and was also awarded best student of his year. He has been DJ'ing for about 14 years and producing for 12 years.
    Some people say if you look in the mirror and say his name 3 times he will appear and instead of a heart he has a metronome. All we know is he's called Melody Master

    Currently- Resident to Mushroom Club, has keys n often plays live well into early hours

    -Part of the Psychotropic Beatz Collective PBC a collective of top DJ's from a selection of underground genres and cutting edge record labels. PBC does two monthly shows exclusively at the mushroom club

    - Resident live DJ for Dis-Infected Records Party nights held monthly and exclusively to mushroom club

     This could be where's he's from

    Some say he may be jedi

  • AddressGB
  • Tags (Keywords)house, techno, beat matching, mixing, Tech House, Progressive, Oldschool, breakbeat, Tech, Minimal

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