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    With the start of the electronic sub-culture in Frankfurt, Mannheim and Karlsruhe in the 90;s, my life had changed abruptly. After many visits to my favourite club OMEN in Frankfurt it was clear to me that my main interest was in the future of electronic music. It was not long until I had my own stand turntables and vinyls at home and this was followed by regular gigs with DJ Houseminister in clubs like the MS Connexion in Mannheim and Club Garage Rastatt. As my interest increased for live acts I joined forces with Patrick Detampel, who due to his musical knowledge by studying at the SAE, Cologne opened up entirely new possibilities of music production for me.

    Inspired by various destinations like Ibiza, Barcelona and Palma. I visited clubs such as Amnesia in Ibiza, Barcelona and Matinee BCM, Palma where it was required to have analogue equipment that quickly produces various tracks. After a career change I moved to Stuttgart, a small private studio, which stood for various productions available and after many parties at Club M1, Prague, toy and Zapata provided the correct sound after the after-after-hour developed.

    After 4 years of staying in Stuttgart I then lived for a further 4 years intentionally for a creative break in Dusseldorf. Then I moved back to my hometown Karlsruhe - back to my roots! After a first joint gig with Taiga aka Oliver Rabsch on 31.10.2013 Club Erdbeermund Karlsruhe the idea for a joint collaberation creating a project called "KLANGfxZONE" which was a totally perfect, original and complementary collaboration. For almost 2 years, we have been residents at Club Erdbeermund and are excited about the growing KLANGfxZONE family.

    Since February 2015, we are also an integral part of the online broadcasts of "TES Global Radio" and first own releases are in collaboration with Patrick Detampel from Berlin in production. My music style is characterized by drifting, deep and partly darken techno beats between 128 BPM and 132 BPM.

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