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  • Dj NameHard House - HArd Trance - All Vinyl
  • TitleThe Storyteller
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    My Name is Dave - i am 44 yrs old ( in 2013) - i run an engineering business now, but back around the millennium i was spinning vinyl every spare minute i could find. Sadly, i realised i was never going to be talented enough to take a bag of tunes and make 2000 people on a dance floor groove to my banging beats and melodies. i saw enough top DJs, who were able to read the crowd, and knew what tune to pick out to make the dance floor weak at the knees, and that talent certainly wasn't in my skill set.
    The soundtrack to my first clubbing film - Emilys Story - was arranged on 2001, but 2 tracks were replaced in 2013 due to failing to agree copyright terms, but thats great as it gave me my first chance to write and produce my own tracks. I say that, but if it wasnt for the awesome talent of my friends and music producers Simon Parkes and Leigh Green, i would still be banging spoons on the table wondering what 4/4 actually meant


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test management company billy the dodgy kid 752752 75832782378 www.dodgy
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Whats dance music do you (or did you) play out

From To Selected genres DJ Comments
1999 2016 Hard House/ Other - blend of house and trance - harder - 140 + bpm/ Tech / Acid House/ Trance(Uplift / Prog / Vocal) this is my clubbing style - the beat dont stop - keep it pounding
2016 2016 Trance(Uplift / Prog / Vocal)
2016 2016 Trance(Uplift / Prog / Vocal)
2016 2016 Trance(Psy / Hard / Other)/ Techno
2014 2015 Hard House/ Trance(Psy / Hard / Other)/ Garage/ Techno/ Hardcore/ Hard Style / Speedcore/ Tech / Acid House/ Trance(Uplift / Prog / Vocal)/ EDM/ D&B / Jungle / Old Skool/ Dub / Dubstep/ Hard Dance / Bounce test

What do you play with?

What platform do you play on Equipment used Make and model Why do you use this equipment and platform Any suggestions for up and coming DJ's who are buying equipment Used From Untill
Vinyl Technics 1210 x 2 Industry Standard Look after them - mine had no covers for 12 years - they are wrecked 1998 2014
CD Pinoeer CDJ 500 MK2 they were the topof the range in 1998 when i bought them these are probably a bit limiting for todays DJ 1998 2002

Top 10 Tracks of all time

Track Name Artist Remix Location My Comments      
Gamemaster Lost Tribe Original Mix You Tube: More Info
The Age of Love The Digital Blonde Original Mix You Tube:

You Tube:

You Tube:
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