The Story Teller Presents

Emilys Story
a brand new concept in clubland - a film for a club or livestreamed to you at home

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How i remember it all


Track Selection 7.5
Emotional Relevance to the film 9


Originality 9
Vocals 9.5


Suitability for a club film 8.5
Emotional Relevance to the film 8.5

Overall Film

Originality 8.5
Enjoy ability 9
Relevance to Clubland 8

Overall Opinion

8.611110.0000 I watched with a smile on my face reminiscing all the good times i had in my 30's and totally understanding the story from start to finish. It made me remember the very first 2 tracks i listened to at a club night called "Wild Fruit" in Brighton 1994 whi

Timeline Comments

Username Viewed Date Comment Time Comment
ClubLife18 07/02/2019 01:51:43 The power of Emily
ClubLife18 07/02/2019 01:04:15 The music
MajiqNytz 10/10/2018 00:20:31 testing film version comments
MajiqNytz 10/10/2018 00:20:31 testing film version comments
MajiqNytz 05/09/2018 01:20:30 test
CM Dredd 10/08/2018 00:11:44 90's style graphics are wicked, so fitting
CM Dredd 10/08/2018 00:07:08 This is just like an awaikend Adults version of Jackanory from when i was akid. Loving the vibe
CM Dredd 10/08/2018 00:05:48 Tripped out big time, im lovin this!!!
MajiqNytz 27/07/2018 00:48:00 vicious storytelling ... this is intense
hardtrancereastbournekeith 16/07/2018 00:22:27 wicked visual
hardtrancereastbournekeith 16/07/2018 00:20:48 what a soundtrack!!
MajiqNytz 20/06/2018 00:14:16 Love this