Codes of Conduct

We are not the fun police. we are not the police of any kind and the hope is that we don't have to be. when you signed the Terms and conditions, you agreed to not abuse any members and to treat all people on this site with respect. This isn't a 1 way request - as the site operator, i am offering you all the respect i can - i give you goodwill and best wishes, and make the following promises to you as a user of this site

1. We will NEVER sell your personal details to ANYONE

2. We will never track your movements and preferences for targeted sales promotion

3. Unless its financially impossible to continue financing the site without external advertising, we will not ruin your experience here by bombarding you with advertising

4. We will not read your personal messages - if its private to you then we have no right to intrude

5. HOWEVER - the law must be obeyed - you do drug deals or anything the law can do you for, and the law turns up at my door demanding data - and the law can prove they have legal right to the information and will prosecute me if i don't hand it over - i won't protect you - i am not your dad - be responsible for yourself - if you fxxk up, its not my problem.

Site Funding

it is my sincerest wish that within 2 years i can afford to fully support all the running costs of the site on my own, and that it can be a truly free service to the whole of club world. unfortunately, that day is not yet here and without the financial backing of advertisers, i need your help to get up up and running properly and the basic fees paid. These fees will come on various formats, but they fall into 2 categories

1. Running Fees

2. Development Fees

Running Costs - this consists of 3 basic components

1. server hosting fees - this is an ongoing and ever increasing cost - the more money we pay, the faster the site and the more storage space each user can have for photos, videos and music. - this starts at £1200 per annum and ail increase up to £4000 for superb and fast performance

2. Music Licensing - we have to pay the MCPS fees to be allowed to live stream copyrighted music that you upload for you and others to listen to -this is up to ams of £1200 per annum

3. Ongoing software upgrades and base code modifications to keep our specific developments in line with the core software package Development Fees - you will see that we have set up a mechanism via suggestions and polls so that you can all have a say in how the site functionality is developed. this is really important to me - i am not a corporate -i am 1 man - i want you to help me make The Mushroom Club a place that you want to be. this process follows the following path

1. Suggestions and discussions about development paths

2. Polls to vote on which exact route you wish the development to take

3. Funding project raised to raise the moines required to pay the developers to write, test and implement he changes you have asked for

4. my opinion has no more influence than yours, but i have responsibility to make sure the law is adhered to and that developments are legal.


My Name is Dave - i am 44 yrs old ( in 2013) - i run an engineering business now, but back around the millennium i was spinning vinyl every spare minute i could find. Sadly, i realised i was never going to be talented enough to take a bag of tunes and make 2000 people on a dance floor groove to my banging beats and melodies. i saw enough top DJs, who were able to read the crowd, and knew what tune to pick out to make the dance floor weak at the knees, and that talent certainly wasn't in my skill set. The soundtrack to my first clubbing film - Emilys Story - was arranged on 2001, but 2 tracks were replaced in 2013 due to failing to agree copyright terms, but thats great as it gave me my first chance to write and produce my own tracks. I say that, but if it wasnt for the awesome talent of my friends and music producers Simon Parkes and Leigh Green, i would still be banging spoons on the table wondering what 4/4 actually meant However, it wasn't always so. i used to work for a corporate, a pawn in a game i didn't want to play, a life that was not mine to control. Skydiving ( 500 free falls) and dance music entered my life and soon i quit the old life and started a new. I start on Pioneer CDJ 500 Mk II cd decks ( which i still have) and then came my faithful 1210's - battered and bruised they still reside in my studio today. dance music changed my life - clubbing change me - and i wanted to say thank you to the club world for opening my eyes, my heart and my soul to a whole new way of living This is why i have spent 18 month and over £6k building the Mushroom Club. i didn't just want to build a website to advertise my clubbing films, i wanted it to be more than that. i hope you like the site and that you use it often to plan and talk about your clubbing life - share your music and truly become part of the global dance floor. unlike other sites, its function is not to make money - it is a global, virtual 24 hour nightclub, with all the joys and love and sharing that you feel in a real club - begin with the idea that everyone here is your friend - and see where that takes you. Theres only me ( and my awesome web developer, so please look at the 3 sections below to get a better idea of how this site will be run.